Mission Statement

Solent-static.com aims to make running and owning a small website, easy and affordable. Solent-static.com wants to become the top local choice for artists and small businesses.

An artist who makes good money is quite rare, so it makes sense to have a great website for the same price as an Uber Delivery.

Starting a new business is very challenging and paying hundreds of pounds for a starter website can really hurt your finances while you are trying to establish your business.

Meet Anthony

I am Anthony Charles and I am local to the Solent area. I have lived in either Gosport or Fareham most of my life.

Just like you, I am a sole trader, artist small business owner. My travel business was destroyed during the Lock-Downs and travel restrictions. We have all suffered, but my travel website was dead in the water for 2 years.

I am a teacher by trade, but I am most experienced at running websites and photography. I started my first website in 2004, I have been running my main website since 2007.

Looking Ahead

Just like our Static Website packages, Solent-static.com has potential for growth. Initially, most of our profits will be invested in making the customer experience fast & seamless. As we grow we will build a team of experts who can help with set-up and customer service.

When we have good amount of static websites on board, we will create a directory, so that visitors can find your website easily.