Unlock the Power of a Static Website for £20 a Year

As an artist, blogger or small business owner, it can be hard to find the perfect website package that meets your needs and budget. Most packages can cost hundreds of pounds each year, and many come with restrictions and extra charges. Solent-Static lets you unlock the power of a static website for just £20 a year?

Benefits of a Static Website for Artists, Bloggers & Business

Static Website Package

Our Static Website Packages have everything you need to get a professional-looking website that is very fast and secure. And, you won’t need to worry about paying excessive hosting fees or worrying about being hacked; this package is designed to give you the freedom to create something unique and personalized.

Fast & Secure

A static website cannot be beaten for security. Your new website will not only look great, but it wont be connected to any database, so there is literally “nothing to hack”.

When you cut out the database, websites become really fast. Big images can still slow it down, but having no calls to the database makes every page super fast

Your website can be hosted cheaply as well, so you only pay for the storage space you want. If you are really technical, you could probably do what we are offering for free.

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Do you like to work for nothing? It can be easy to monetise your static website with ads, affiliate links and even by selling products and services.

Sales Leads

Customer leads can come through contact forms and by displaying your contact information, such as email address, postal address and telephone number. Having good sales copy on your welcome page and comprehensive information on your “About” page can convince potential customers that you are the best choice for them.

Online Store

Although Static Websites don’t have all the power of a dynamic WordPress website, you can convert your static website into a live WordPress website as your business grows.

Affiliate Links

On websites with good content, iFrames can be used to display the functions of other, dynamic websites. Javascript can also be used to display products from other websites. So your Static website can be used to generate an affiliate revenue from affiliate programs like Amazon or Google Ads.

Static website subscription

Static Website

£ 20 .00

Per year

  • Package includes hosting
  • Upgrade for more storage
  • Powered by WordPress

Perfect Starter Website

A static website is the perfect solution for artists, bloggers and small business owners who need an affordable, reliable and secure way to showcase their work. With a static website, you will have complete control over the look and feel of your website, as well as greater flexibility to add features like contact forms, galleries, video, and more. Moreover, it is relatively easy to manage, even with no coding knowledge.

This type of website is ideal for businesses looking to make a big impression with minimal costs, as it does not require a database or server-side logic. A static website can be used to showcase artwork, launch a blog, or create a professional website that looks good on any device. It is also incredibly cost-effective, as it can be set up for as little as £20 a year.

Additionally, you can benefit from its enhanced security and increased performance, as well as improved search engine visibility. Furthermore, you’ll be able to make quick changes without having to rely on a web developer, enabling you to get the most out of your static website.

Storage upgrades

Note: Extra storage is only available on the Yearly plan.

How does it work?

Static Website Package

Once we receive a witnessed statement, in blood, for your order, we will begin setting up your website. This, currently, takes 8- 24 hours. We will send you login info for your account where you can access your website and edit content.

Your main pages, such as home, about, contact & privacy statement will be already setup. You will need to edit the information to suit you or your business. You will be able to upload a logo & icon as well as other images & photos. This part of your website will be password protected and only visible to you.

When your site is ready to publish, we will generate a static version of your website which will be public and visible to everyone as well as search engines like Google & Bing etc. From then on, you can update your static website each time you edit or publish new content.

Easy website editing
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Much-better for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for any web-based business. A static website can be much better for SEO than a dynamic website as it can be faster to load, easier for search engine spiders to crawl, and more stable than dynamic websites.

Successful websites need content and if it is written well, it will help potential customers find you in searches. You will need to log into your website to create posts to tell your story, describe products, or publish your news.

The WordPress editor makes this very easy. Your new website dashboard includes access to rich SEO tools that will help you write fresh content, which is favoured by Google and other search engines.

You can grow your website as fast or slow as you like. You will be able to buy more storage when you need it, or convert your website into a “Dynamic WordPress Website” if you want more functions.

Website Hosting

If you decide to upgrade to a Dynamic Website in the future, we recommend Siteground for your website hosting.

Siteground Features:
  • Connect to CDN for speed and security
  • Multi-level security build in
  • In-built WordPress cache
  • Basic SLL certificate
  • 30 day refund policy

Domain Name

A domain name is an important way of telling visitors and search engines what your website is. It can also contribute to successful branding. Our yearly plan gives you the option to host your static website on your own Domain Name.


If you choose the FREE option, your static website will be part of Solent Static and will have solent-static[dot]com/your-custom-name as your website address.


At any time, you can upgrade or downgrade to a different subscription plan; monthly, six monthly and yearly. The yearly plans allow you to upgrade your storage for images and other files. In very simple terms, you start a new subscription and get a refund for the time left on your old subscription.

Storage upgrades

Our yearly plans allow you to upgrade your storage capacity. Website with lots of photos are able to buy more storage as their website grows.

Dynamic Upgrade

We are able to convert your website to a “Dynamic WordPress Website” for more functions & customer interaction. In the future, you might decide to have dynamic functions like a WooCommerce shop, membership site or live news.

Because your static website is powered by WordPress, it is very easy to transfer to your own hosting account and convert your Static Website to a Dynamic Website. It could be done in a day!