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The traditional way most people engaged with the web has changed drastically in the last few years with the rise of static websites. For the many businesses that have chosen static websites to host their content and services, selling products online can be a challenge. While ecommerce website builders like WooCommerce provide an excellent platform for creating a store on a dynamic website, they won’t work on a static website.

So how can you sell products on your static website? The answer lies in understanding the different types of options available for selling products on a static website. From embedding content from ecommerce websites and integrating offsite payment services, there are various ways in which businesses can reach an online audience with a static website.

In this article, we’ll explore these options in depth and examine what it takes to successfully sell products on a static website. We’ll also discuss the pitfalls to be aware of and the opportunities available to businesses in this digital age. With the right approach, it is possible to effectively sell products on a static website.

Embedding Content to Sell Products on a Static Website

Embedding content is one of the most effective ways to sell your products on a static website. Websites like Red Bubble or Cafe Press will let you embed your products onto any part of your static website, by using the “Custom HTML” block. When visitors to your website click on the button to buy the product, they are taken to their secure website for payment etc.

By utilizing such services, you can easily manage inventory levels, provide customer service and track customer data. From integrating product listings and payment forms to tracking customer data, embedding content is a great way to sell products on a static website.

Offsite Payment Services for Selling Products on a Static Website

Offsite payment services are an important part of selling products on a static website. They offer the ability to securely accept payments from customers without the need for additional website development or coding. With the right payment service provider, you can easily integrate their payment processing system into your static website and start selling quickly.

Offsite payment services also provide customers with peace of mind, as they are using a secure third-party payment processor to handle their funds. This makes it easier to trust the website, and in turn helps to increase sales.

Paypal is probably the best know offsite payment service and it is quite easy to set up a payment button for various products and services.

Add an online store to your static website

Adding an online store to a static website is an effective way to increase website traffic and create a revenue stream. Using embedded content, from a webstore platform like Ecwid, is a great way to start selling products. No matter what solution you choose, selling products on a static website can be a great way to increase website traffic and generate additional revenue.

You can get started with a free stor on Ecwid and embed their code directly into one of your pages (using the “Custom HTML” block). This is our top recommendation for anyone who wants to start selling products or services on their website. See the video below.

Ecwid an ecommerce solution for static websites


In conclusion, selling products on a static website is a feasible prospect with the use of embedded content and offsite payment services. By researching and understanding the various options, website owners can find the best solution for their needs. Additionally, they can use integrated features such as shopping carts and digital wallets to make their customers’ experience more convenient and secure. All of these options are viable solutions for businesses looking to start selling products on their static website.