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These Demo websites are setup to show how customisable the wordpress themes are. These demonstrate free & default themes with different colour schemes and layouts.

Static Websites

Each website has been converted into a static website, so they are not connected to any data-base. If they were dynamic websites, they would not load as fast as they do.

Music 2022

  • 2022 Default WordPress Theme.
  • Customizable Templates.
  • MP3 Music player & video e.
  • Contact page – simple contact form.
  • Block theme with large image header
Music Website Homepage

This Rock Band demo uses the large header template for all pages, but it is possible to use a small header template for standard posts & pages.

London Tours

  • 2022 WordPress Theme
  • Static Site with iframes
  • Viator Widgets – Earn Commission.
  • Contact Page
  • Block theme with full page layout
London Sightseeing

This is a full screen design to take advantage of panorama style photos. This is a good example of a monetised static website.

Photo Gallery

  • 2022 WordPress Theme
  • Customizable Templates
  • Galleries from Posts or single photos
  • Block theme with full screen header
Photo Gallery with Woo

The full screen layout helps with displaying photographs. The 2022 theme is in dark mode which helps the gallery images.


You can change your theme at anytime or even upgrade to a ‘Pro’ WordPress theme for even more customizability. It is very easy to adjust the colours, some of the layout and your site logo.


You can easily add text, photos, music & scripts into your content. These themes are block-based which means that you can style, move and copy all the elements of a post or page.