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Photo Gallery Website to present your images

Present you photo collection to the world with a gallery website. A static website can give photographic folk a place to keep and share their photos. It can also connect with your social media, such as Instagram or Facebook. Your photo gallery website with have a page about you and a page where visitors can contact you. Properly published photographs can be found easily on the internet.

Easily share your photography

It will be very easy to add your photographs to your new gallery website. Your website will have a media library where you can edit and easily access images for new posts. Photos can be large files, but if your images are optimised for the internet, you should be able to display many photos on a medium- large storage space.

photo gallery website
Iceland Photo Gallery.

Focus on your Photography

A wordpress website can require full-time management. Working late into the night is possible due to the dynamic WordPress website’s background maintenance. You can publish a straightforward, static website and then completely ignore it.

A contact form can be added to your static website. Amazing things may be done with ‘Contact Form 7’ to make it simple for visitors to email you. A google map can be added to your “contact” or “about” pages to let visitors know where you are located, and to make it easier for visitors in specific locations to discover you. You can even connect your website to Google Maps if you are listed.

Connect to Social Media

Many artists that wish to stand out have numerous social media profiles on sites like Instagram and Pinterest. To make it easy for website visitors to follow you on social media, you may establish menu links to all of your profiles there. In order for users to share your content on social media, you can also include sharing buttons on your posts and sites. Also, sharing your most recent news is made simple by this feature.

Publish Your Latest Photos

Sometimes adding new images after your website goes live is a smart idea. Utilize this opportunity to publish new photographs, update your studio hours, or promote new workshop dates. Your internet search exposure will rise if you consistently publish new, high-quality material.

Digital photography website
Photo by Jessica Lewis on

Cover photo by Kaique Rocha on

Static Website Advantages

Static webpages load extremely quickly and are hard to beat for speed. Your website’s pages will each be one single file that browsers may read in a few milliseconds. Even so, it could take some time for larger photos to load. We run an image optimisation script, so you images will be re-sized and optimised as you upload them. However, it is good practice to resize them and optimise them yourself for better use of storage space.

A static website is incredibly safe & almost un-hackable because each page is contained in a single file. The database that powers many different types of dynamic websites, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc., is the target of typical hackers trying to obtain access. For a hacker, it would be like attempting to steal an empty box because the static website has been completely detached from the database.

Text, images & Video YES YES
Contact Form YES YES
Newsletter Sign Up POSSIBLE YES
Online payments OFFSITE YES
WooCommerce NO YES
Customer Accounts NO YES
Community forum NO YES

The basic subscription is fine for just a few images, but if you already have quite a big collection of photos, we recommend adding more storage space as an upgrade.

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