Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of sale are as follows.

Customer Contract

The customer contract starts with receipt of payment to Solent-Static for a subscription or service.

Static Website Package

Cancellation Policy

Static website packages offer a 30 day free trial, after which the subscription period will start. After the first payment is taken, there are no refunds. A customer can cancel their yearly subscription and their account & static site will be removed when their subscription term ends.

Upgrade Downgrade

If you upgrade your storage space, a new yearly subscription will start on that date. Any remaining months on your existing subscription will be refunded.

Downgrading storage space is not straight forward, because you have to reduce the files yourself until you have a suitable storage amount. After successful downgrade of storage, the remaining months on your existing subscription will be refunded.

Website Support

Currently, static website owners will have access to email support throughout the duration of their subscription. Support emails are answered within 24 hours.

Not Included

Website Design

It is important to note that we are not responsible for the design of your website. However we will support you to find information and services to help you create a great looking website.

Connected Accounts

We are not responsible for setting up google or social media accounts for you. If you don’t have these accounts, then your website wont connect to them. A website can still function without google integration and people can still share your pages on their social media accounts via social sharing buttons.

Content Rejection

Solent Static reserves the right not to undertake work or host a website if the content is objectional. This also applies if the customer is unwilling to comply with internet standards and security.

Examples of Objectional Content

  • Pornography, extreme violence or other X rated material
  • Hate speech or expressing negative views towards a particular group or individual
  • Copyrighted material, photos or music that you don’t have permission to use

If this concerns you, please use our contact form before making a purchase.

Dynamic Setup Packages

Our “set-up” services include upgrading your website to a dynamic website to use on your own hosting account. If your static website grows too big, you can move it to your own hosting account and run your site as a dynamic website.

Setup Support

This support will guide the customer through basic website setup. In most cases, the customer will have to take steps within their own, hosting, google and social accounts for integration to succeed.

Email support will continue for a duration of up to 2 weeks from the date the website goes live. This could also include telephone support on request and if email is not suitable.

Set up Delays

Your new website is normally ready to use within 24 hours. There could be delays to the set-up process, but not without notifying the customer immediately. The customer can decide to cancel for a full refund if the delay is inconvenient.


Customers can cancel the dynamic set-up at any point until the website is live. In this case a partial refund will be issued according to the work that has been done. A refund wont be issued after the customer’s website has gone live, unless there is a serious complaint. A website wont go live until it has been reviewed by the customer.